Three Stations Automatic Pre-made Bag Packaging Machine SY – M500

Pre-made Bag Packaging Machine

Machine Features

MODEL: SY – M500
1. Easy operation,with PLC Man-machine touch screen.
2. Preferred model for small-batch, diverse packaging.
3. Preferred backup machine.
4. Automatic bag width adjustment.
5. Compatible with various types of measuring devices.

Machine Work Process

1. Pre-made bag storage rack.
2. Automatic bag retrieval.
3. Bag opening and filling.
4. Sealing and discgarge.

Packaging Range

Various pre-made bag packaging products including food,chemical, hardware parts, etc.

Applicable Bag Types

Three-side sealed pre-made bags, flat bags, Stand-up pouches, zipper bags.



Packaging Speed

1 to 10 bags/min (depending on product characteristics)

Power Supply

AC220V Single Phase / AC220 3ψ

Pacgaging Bag Size


Machine Dimensions